ROC chats to Ray Gilligan of The Saturday Social

Ray is a musician and DJ from Dublin and a very good pal of us here at Rebirth of Cool. If you don’t know him, where have you been?! Once part of The Josephs and responsible for some of Dublin’s best club nights (Saturday Social & Connoisseur Soul Sessions to name but a few) and you can catch him spinning tunes every week at The Foggy Dew. He has an amazing record collection and even better dance moves…


Ray Gilligan

Describe your style?

Sports casual. Think Bob Downes meets Alan Partridge and you’re half way there.

Go to piece in your wardrobe?

Bass Weejuns everyday of the week.



What’s currently on your turntable?

As we speak? Ocean Rain by The Bunnymen. Been playing that Mr. Jukes album from this year a lot. Plus I’m a recent convert to Kamasi Washington so can’t get enough of him at the moment.

If you had to go on the run and could only take 3 records with you, which ones would you grab?

Well I’d have to use the head and make sure they’re double albums if I had to leave town fast. So it’d be the Beatles’ White Album, Stevie’s Songs in the Key of Life, The Jam’s Snap.


What are your favourite spots in Dublin for listening to good tunes? And where would you go if you were in need of a serious dance?

More a listener than a dancer these days due to a dodgy knee from too much dancing down the years. Used to go to Soul nights religiously but not so much anymore due to laziness. There’s still a really vibrant Soul scene in the city. Garage and Anseo always have good DJs on. Pimlico was great too. Some of the new nights on at Drop Dead Twice look worth checking out. Anywhere with a good DJ on and I’m sweet. For dancing? Well you’re always guaranteed a rug will be cut at the Saturday Social.


Tell us a bit about the Saturday Social and what can we expect on the 27th?

Saturday Social (formerly known as the Sunday Social) has found a new home at Drop Dead Twice on Francis Street. Cool new city centre venue. We’re only starting off in this new spot but it’s looking tasty so far. It started out as a Mod do but parameters have widened over the years. Same music policy and Mod ethos still exists; all the good stuff. We like to mix it up and keep it fresh. You could hear; Soul, Punk, Jazz, Pop, Disco, Hip Hop, all in the one night. This month we’ve taken the plunge and decided to stick on the odd live band. Something we’ve talked about before but never got around to doing. We have the Freedom 35s on 27th January who are an amazing band, so we’re really excited about this. It’s a gig that if I wasn’t involved in I’d still be going to.

26994977_10215333062705592_1667711674_nFor more info:

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