ROC chats to Ronan Supertonic

Ronan has been a friend of mine and Rebirth of Cool for some years now. I’ve always been a fan of his style and the first time I saw Supertonic Sound Club play live I was blown away. They have just released their latest single “Please Don’t Ask” and will be having a launch party this Thursday 12th April at East Side Tavern & performing on the Late Late Show on RTÉ on Friday

Ronan Supertonic

Describe your style…

Rooted somewhere in the 60s and early 70s. Usually to be spotted in a button down shirt and trousers in a stapress cut, set off by a well polished pair of Norweigans or brogues with a good big clumpy toe.


What’s currently on your turntable?

Ken Boothe is sitting on my turntable right now although these days the time I get to listen to music most is when I’m driving. The likes of Booker T, The Specials, Fried, Quantic Soul Orchestra, Prince Buster and Etta James have been getting spins on my car stereo over the past week.

If you had to go on the run and could only take 3 records with you, which ones would you grab?

With no time to waste, I’ll go down the nostalgic, chronological route and grab the first LP, 12 inch and 7 inch records I ever bought which would be Madness ‘Absolutely’, The Boomtown Rats ‘Lookin’ After No. 1′ and The Stranglers ‘No More Heroes’. I can remember that my ‘Looking After No. 1’ 12 inch cost me 98p in the Dandeloin Market and that ‘No More Heroes’ was 60p in ‘The Sound of Music’ record shop. And yet, I struggle to remember what I watched on television last night…

I’ve been lucky enough to see Supertonic Sound Club play. For those who’ve not had the pleasure, can you tell us a little bit about the band

We started 8 years ago and the idea of being a ‘sound club’ was to work with various vocalists and musicians. That worked quite well initially. For example, when we recorded the radio session for the BBC, we had a 12 piece line up which included 4 vocalists and that was just fantastic. However, having a conveyor belt of vocalists and musicians coming and going didn’t quite lend itself to doing regular gigs so gradually we developed into more of a studio band, releasing singles about once a year. Last year we decided it was time to get the band back on track with a stable, gigging line up and a permanent singer and so Supertonic Sound Club was somewhat reborn, with Kristina Glasnovic at the helm.


What’s your latest single and where can people pick up a copy?

The new single is ‘Please Don’t Ask’ which has been picking up airplay on RTÉ, BBC and beyond so hopefully a few people out there have heard it. It’s available now for download and we’ll have the 5 track CD single on sale at gigs. It will also be released on vinyl soon which you’ll be able to pick up in record shops here and online. If people would like to quickly hear it, there’s a video for it on youtube featuring a very talented Dublin comedy improv group!


What are some of the band’s influences and was there any tunes/album on heavy rotation when you were writing and recording?

We play a mix of soul, funk and reggae so influences are far and wide. A song we’ve written recently hints of The Gaylads and the rocksteady era of the late 60s whereas another new tune we have veers towards the funkier end of northern soul. Personally when writing horn lines, the first Dexys Midnight Runners album seems to be always in the back of my mind. Sixties soundtracks would be another influence so we’ve tried to capture the mood of 60s European cinema on the record sleeves too.

So what’s in the pipeline for you guys?

We’ve our single launch this Thursday at the East Side Tavern and on Friday, we’re due to appear on The Late Late Show. We’re then off to Cologne the following weekend to play two nights at The Freedom Sounds Festival. We’ve a batch of new songs to record so we’ll try hit the studio around June-time with the hope of finding some label interested in releasing our long overdue album by the end of the year.

Event details:

Available for download and on all digital platforms (Spotify, etc.)

Get listening!

Really lookin’ forward to this one! See you guys there!

Michelle @ ROC x