ROC chats to Fuxy

Fuxy runs Dance Craze Ska Club at the Garage Bar, his dress sense is slick and his record collection even slicker. A long time friend of Rebirth of Cool, we’ve asked him to tell us a little bit more about himself and his DJing…


My name’s Gabor Fuksz AKA Fuxy. A skinhead in between a punk and a mod, but neither of them really.


Describe your style and what’s your go to piece in your wardrobe?

I love dressing smart. Mikkel Rude, or Brutus shirt, sta prest trousers, brogues, braces and a Crombie coat or suit jacket, but a Baracuta harrington is a must in my wardrobe too.

Tell us a bit about Dance Craze at the Garage Bar

After a few other ska nights in Dublin I started DJing in the Garage Bar in 2013. It’s a weekly event every Sunday night. I love the vibe of the pub, small and cosy. We have our regulars that are there as much as they can to give their support, and many walk in people that have nothing to do with ska or reggae, but they still decide to stay. We have skinheads/ska lovers coming over from abroad to visit Dublin that already heard about our little ska club and they come to check it out themselves. 🙂

Kike joined me a couple of years ago, and became my DJ partner in crime for the mad Sunday night sessions, plus we have other DJ friends from all over Ireland and the word to fill our guest DJ spots.


What three records will you defo be packing?

The hardest of all the questions. How to pick three tunes out of so many?

Lloyd Robinson- Cuss Cuss
Tommy McCook- Last Flight To Reggae City
R. Dean Taylor- There’s a Ghost In My House

What is the Skinhead scene like in Dublin?

The skinhead scene is welcoming, friendly, politic free as much as it’s possible. Skinheads in Ireland are apparently more into ska and soul than punk or Oi!
If we’re only talking about so called active skinheads the scene is small, just like a family. We look out for each other, drink and skank together. It’s a healthy scene with it’s own minor defects. 😉


What are your favourite nights to go to when you have a night off from spinning?

I love some soul and reggae nights in Dublin. I’m trying to go and visit Reggae Got Soul nights as much as possible and planning to go to the next Pow City in October for the first time. 🙂 I can recommend all the other nights in the Garage Bar or the Sunday nights in the Foggy Dew with the Bionic Rats.