Here Come The Girls: Nic Nolan

Here’s part two of our Here Come The Girls series with the beautiful and stylish Nic Nolan. Nic regularly spins records in Anseo and at Rip It Up club in Thomas House in Dublin. With an impeccable, classic style and the coolest record collection you’ve ever heard it was a no brainer to get Nic on board for the ROC blog. Read on to find out more…


Nic Nolan

Describe your style?

Oh, I’m not sure I can really! It can change…depending on my mood. I’ve always loved Jean Seberg’s style, and Neile McQueen’s so I suppose I always go back to some kind of similar look. I like the Beatnik style, plus Angela Davis in the early 70’s looked amazing! There’s styles and looks I like but don’t suit me, I’ve made many mistakes in the past! So kinda 60’s classic with a hint of badass. But, sometimes there are days when I want to look exactly like M.I.A so you know…a mix!

Go to piece in your wardrobe?

Boat neck Breton striped tops and skinny capris/jeans! Or a variation of……I think anyone that knows me would say the same. It’s not necessarily a good thing, but I love a stripey top.


What’s currently on your turntable?

I usually listen to a few different records at the same time, it changes all the time too! But I suppose the records I’ve been listening to a lot in the last week or so are Mavis Staples “Mavis Staples” – Her debut solo record. She sounds so good on it, I love her voice. She can pretty much sing anything and make it sound gritty and heavy. I remember reading an interview with her and she said a singing teacher didn’t like her voice and said “You’re in the basement Mavis, you’re singing with the boys” Deadly! The Coup “Kill My Landlord” – I love The Coup and this is a great record. It’s probably one of the first records to criticise Trump, and it was released in the early 90’s ….and look where we are now! I’ve been listening to this a lot lately and I don’t think it’s dated at all. Goat “World Music” – I don’t know how to describe this record, but I love these weirdo’s. They’re deadly live too. I play this on Saturday mornings, loud!

If you had to go on the run and could only take 3 records with you, which ones would you grab?

I’m brutal at answering these types of questions, it’s impossible to pick… Off the top of my head, bearing in mind I’ve to leave in a hurry

Gil Scott Heron “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” – I love Gil, I was lucky enough to see him live three or four times and he blew my tiny mind every time.

The Happy Mondays “Pills, Thrills and Bellyaches” – This record just reminds me of my friends and having the best time. Getting up to mischief, and parties….lots of parties

Love – “Forever Changes” – Cos it’s Love

I’m already changing my mind…

What are your favourite spots in Dublin for listening to good tunes? And where would you go if you were in need of a serious dance?

Anseo, Camden St – There’s a different DJ there every night of the week and I’d happily go there every night and listen to what they’re playing. I always hear something I haven’t heard before. The Thomas House, Thomas St – The Rip It Up night is great, a really good mix. For guaranteed dancing, it has to be Pow City in the basement of The Thomas House, a monthly soul/funk/northern night. Great music, sound heads, brilliant. Soul Fusion was a great night for dancing too in Tengu! Deadly mix of soul and house music. There’s another one next month There was a night on in The Cobblestone in June – 45 Revolutions and that was a great night for dancers, great mix of tunes. If there’s another one, it’s well worth checking out, cos you’ll move all night. If I’m going out dancing I like to go somewhere that there will be a mix of tunes at…My friends are into all sorts of music so I’ll happily go to a soul night, a house night, reggae, hip hop (I’m even going to a techno night soon) – once there’s decent tunes and somewhere to move to them I’m there!


How long have you been DJing for?

Ah, I wouldn’t really call myself a DJ. I just play records, I generally play in pubs and stuff so I don’t have to be responsible for keeping people on a dancefloor! The first time I played records was in Bruxelles, the basement with Tomo Tighe…years ago, then did it sporadically for a few years – stopped for a while and back playing records a few years again. I’m always chuffed to be asked to play records – it’s great fun!

Where can we see you spinning records next?

Well, I do Anseo every second or third Tuesday – that’s pretty regular and it’s a really nice way to spend a few hours! But I do other nights guesting here and there, pretty much happy to bring a bag of records anywhere!

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